Facebook prefers that its advertisers pay for placements that users will find interesting and appealing. Ads that annoy or bore Facebook users, after all, drag down the overall experience of using the world’s leading social media network.

Advertisers need to be aware of how their ads are performing if they hope to make the most of their budgets. The founder of the Five Channels marketing agency, Jason Hall, recently put up a detailed post that delves into the most important issues.

Determining What Counts as a Successful Ad

Many Facebook advertisers would be happy to focus strictly on the bottom line when it comes to assessing the successfulness of their campaigns. Facebook itself does not even have access to all the figures required to adopt that perspective, but it can come pretty close.

In the past, Facebook displayed a single, general relevance score for each ad, expecting that advertisers would find that informative and helpful enough. Recently though, the social media giant has switched to a more granular take that should be easier to understand.

As Hall reported in his recent post, this new ad-ranking regime consists of three separate metrics. With each being considered independently important, these are:

  • Quality. Facebook uses advanced algorithms to analyze each of the billions of ads it serves. The quality score assigned to an ad reflects how it performs compared to others of generally similar character and purpose. A low quality score will normally be a sign that more work needs to be done polishing and focusing the ad’s creatives.
  • Engagement. Some Facebook ads are easy to ignore, while others seem to actively beg for the same treatment. Ads that are not engaging never perform well and will end up with low associated scores. A lack of clicks for an ad normally signals that a rethinking will be in order
  • Conversion. The point of many Facebook ads is to encourage users to ultimately take some action beyond clicking. While Facebook cannot say for certain which ads convert well, it uses artificial intelligence to formulate an informed guess.

Three Metrics Worth Paying Attention To

With Facebook now plainly displaying these three measures to advertisers, taking them into account should be a given. Ads will ultimately produce more impressive returns when they excel in all three of these important respects.