Herman Miller Envelop Reclining Desk Review

The Herman Miller Envelop Desk looks to help make the desk a fundamental element of ergonomics. It’s designed specifically for people who use computers and appears to solve most of the posture issues that ergonomic chairs haven’t been in a position to fix.


  • 32 percent recyclable and manufactured using 53 percent recycled content
  • Dimensions: height: 25.5 – 33.5 inches, width: 45 inches, depth: 30.75 inches
  • Cost: About $815 as tested
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The Envelop desk is made for individuals who use their desk almost solely for using a computer. Individuals who have to perform a large amount of documents will either wish to spread it, or consider getting another surface within their work space.

Should you watch someone make use of a computer, whilst within an chair, you will notice them hunched over most of the time. However , the normal desk keeps the laptop keyboardOrcomputer mouse and monitors too much away, forcing individuals to lean forwards. Additionally, the sitter’s hands are often unsupported, resting their elbows around the chair’s armrests and getting the advantage from the desk cutting to their wrists. The Envelop desk is made to alleviate these poor sitting habits.

Standout features

  • Options: The Envelop Desk comes in a wide variety of frame colors, desk surfaces, and feet types to suit anyone’s sense of style and needs.
  • Adjustability: The Envelop desk is extremely adjustable, and the surface can come forwards and down quite easily.
  • Style: The Envelop desk looks great.

What’s wrong?

  • Workstation, not a “Desk”: The Envelop is practically useless for anything other than using a computer; there are no drawers or filing cabinets, and the work surface is too small to put many of the usual office tools on it.
  • Cost: The cost is fairly expensive, considering that you will still need a file cabinet, drawers, and a secondary work surface if you often do paperwork.
  • Adjustability: It took a few weeks to find the right combination of desk height, surface adjustment, and chair adjustments to have the setup work well for me.
  • Leg Adjustment: It’s great that you can adjust the leg height, but unfortunately, you need to turn it upside down to do so, hardly an option for most people.

Competitive products

  • Biomorph Desks
  • Workrite Desks
  • Steelcase Airtouch Desk

Bottom line for business

There has been other approaches towards desk ergonomics, particularly desks with decreased surfaces for keyboards and height adjustable desks, but none of them which are as extreme within their designs because the Envelop. The Envelop desk is dependant on computer usage, towards the exclusion of other sorts of work.

As the desk appears large in pictures, because you will see within the image gallery, it’s really really small when you place a monitor onto it. That being stated, Herman Miller recommends that monitors be installed on arms (offered individually) and also the arms affix to the rear of the desk, which releases some workspace. However, even so, the style of the desk would stop you from using a lot of it.

Presuming that exist past the requirement for additional storage, possibly springing for monitor arms, and also the high upfront cost, the desk works as marketed following a couple of days or days of creating adjustments and becoming accustomed to them. By getting the body in to the desk, the angled front surface enables your arms to become 100% based on the desk, supplying a lot of respite from arm fatigue, and maintaining your wrists from the desk edge. Once it is simple to achieve the laptop keyboard, leaning back to your chair and taking full benefit of its support becomes a lot more natural, and also the posture really improves following a couple of times of acclimation.

The top easily slides forwards and lower to supply a custom made. The legs are adjustable via a great selection of heights, but it’s unfortunate you need to switch the desk over to help make the adjustments. The various ft choices permit you to fit the desk for your atmosphere, and also the style options (the leading from the surface can’t be customized, though) permit you to buy a desk that matches your décor.

If you’re searching to help relieve your pc usage related pains and aches, or would like to get the entire advantage of neglect the within an chair, you might want to think about the Envelop desk. If you want to perform a large amount of documents and have storage needs, be prepared to purchase auxiliary furniture too.