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Razer Death Stalker Expert Gaming Keyboard Review

Chiclet keyboards and gaming keyboards generally don’t overlap, but when there’s enough interest in an item, the marketplace, like existence in Jurassic Park, will discover a way. Although most gamers prefer mechanical keyboards for his or her tactile responsiveness and number of switch types, individuals searching for any gaming chiclet keyboard will discover one out of the Razer Deathstalker.

The Deathstalker, named following a gaudy scorpion, may be the only major chiclet gaming keyboard offered at present. A properly-spaced design helps the merchandise feel more responsive than most membrane keyboards. However, questionable macro functionality causes it to be difficult to justify the peripheral’s expensive.


The Deathstalker measures 20.thrice 10.2 “, putting it firmly in the center of the gaming-keyboard size spectrum compare it towards the Logitech G105, at 19.6 x 8.8 inches, or even the Corsair Vengeance K95, at 21.5 x 9.6 inches. I love the lengthy, textured wrist-rest included in the laptop keyboard, however it means you will need a a bit more desk space than normal.

Users can pick between three amounts of eco-friendly backlighting. It isn’t a make-or-break feature, however the illumination looks nice the opportunity to choose from pulsing or steady light is a fairly touch. Beyond that, the unit looks pretty sleek, even though it comes with the strongly adolescent-male look present with Razer products. Subtle, it isn’t, but it’s awesome.


If you have not used at all a chiclet keyboard, it’s worth considering one simply to see what all of the fuss is all about. Mac laptops used chiclet keys for some time, largely simply because they match the Apple aesthetic: rounded corners, smooth surfaces and occasional profiles. Over a mechanical keyboard, chiclet keys feel quite like Red switches: zippy and almost silent, unlike more resistant Brown or noisier Blue switches.

Key travel and actuation for that Deathstalker are in line with other membrane keyboards: 65 grams to actuate, and three.8 millimeters between key caps. The Logitech G105 has the identical parameters, while Razer’s mechanical BlackWidow comes with an actuation of 55 grams along with a key travel of four.5 millimeters.

Here’s the issue using the Deathstalker: regardless of whether you love or hate chiclet keys, this keyboard feels functionally just like $20 office model. If you want chiclet keyboards, more capacity to you, but membrane keyboards don’t vary much in feel or manufacture. There is no reason why you need to pay $80 when you can get an item that’s almost identical for just one-quarter the price.

That aside, my knowledge about the Deathstalker would be a enjoyable one overall. Chiclet keys feel a lot more responsive than standard membrane models, although typing on perfectly flat keys takes getting accustomed to.

The Deathstalker is another extremely fast keyboard. While using Ten Thumbs Typing Test, I scored 111 words each minute having a 0 % error rate, in contrast to 106 WPM having a standard office Dell keyboard. The Deathstalker might not cause you to a much better typist, but it’ll assist you to type to the very best of what you can do.


The Deathstalker uses excellent Razer Synapse 2. software, meaning you can control its illumination, set parameters due to its gaming mode and program macros. You may even setup individual profiles and link these specific titles, that’s helpful in situation you skew toward macro-heavy games.

A gaming mode is a pretty common touch for gaming keyboards, and allows you to certainly certainly deactivate Alt Tab, Alt F4 combined with the Home home home home windows key when you are in-game to avoid accidentally exiting. You may determine which inside the three combinations gaming mode forbids, this can be a nice bit of personalization.

If you buy a gaming keyboard as opposed to just a typical model, however, chances are you’re there for that macros. Recording and making use of macros might be a mixed bag when using the Deathstalker. You may create macros and assign them easily enough, but the operation is somewhat pointless, and you’ll find no extra buttons on their own account.

So that you can record a macro, I preferred punching the reason button and F9 (which aren’t near each other) and start recording the macro immediately laptop keyboards counts not hitting anything instantly as an intentional delay. My tracks were very precise, but getting hitting two distant buttons to both stop and begin it might be a discomfort, and becoming less extra buttons got nearly impossible to find the perfect candidate for to put them.

I used to be also somewhat dismayed to discover that macros did not focus on all within the Exorcist: The Old Republic. Like a massively multi-player online (MMO) game, this title needs macros more than almost every other game inside our roster, along with the inabiility to depend in it’ll be a significant take effect the shins. Macros labored fine inside the three other games we attempted, and then we have contacted Razer to learn more in regards to this issue.


One factor I’m able to say with full confidence would be that the Deathstalker plays a great game. I ran through Titanfall, StarCraft II: Heart from the Swarm, Watch Dogs and The Exorcist: That Old Republic. Because of how rapidly the keys bounced support and also the enjoyable distance together, I’d little difficulty gunning lower pilots in Titanfall or participating in fierce lightsaber battles within the Old Republic.

As discussed before, chiclet keyboards really are a nice medium between standard membranes and mechanicals. The tactile feedback is minimal, but pressing them feels substantial. If little else, the Deathstalker will not enter the right path while gaming, and that is the hallmark of the good keyboard.

The Deathstalker includes a rollover in excess of 10 keys, meaning you are able to press more keys than you’ve fingers before it stops processing instructions.

Bottom Line

In relation to membrane gaming keyboards, you now ask , not whether a keyboard is positive or negative, but rather whether it merits the big cost increase greater than a standard, non-gaming model. Inside the situation in the Deathstalker, the answer then is a convincing “maybe.” Chiclet keys can be better than most for gaming, as well as the gaming mode and macro functions are useful, whilst not significantly unique of what you’d enter almost every other gaming keyboard.

Still, it’s tough to shake the feeling that your main $80 goes toward an attractive design plus a great computer software. The Deathstalker will suit all of your gaming needs, however, you can as quickly hands out $60 less for the similar chiclet keyboard, or other $30 for just about any mechanical keyboard.

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