Samsung S32D850T Review

Samsung S32D850T Review – Perfect 32 Inch Monitor for PC Gaming

Superb design and great image quality gives the Samsung S32D850 the edge in the battle of the 32in monitors

The 32in Samsung S32D850T uses Veterans administration panel technology, an excellent all-round panel type which produces excellent contrast levels, accurate colours and enables for very wide viewing angles, and that’s why it’s frequently present in bigger monitors. It is a 2,560×1,440 pixel screen, therefore it provides substantially more desktop space than the usual typical 1,920×1,080 Full HD monitor.

The S32D850T includes a matt screen coating that minimises glare from artificial lights. Images appear highly detailed, particularly individuals with subtle shading, and also the measured 2698:1 contrast ratio is extremely high, which makes it ideal for viewing more dark images, games and films. Blacks are inky dark, too just .06 cd/m2 of sunshine leaked with the panel if this displayed pure black images. We measured a color sRGB gamut coverage of 96.6 percent as they are, with many of this missing 3.4 percent originating from vibrant reds and oranges. This really is slightly disappointing, particularly as both BenQ BL3200PT (Group test, Shopper 318) and also the Acer B326HUL (Group test, Shopper 318) managed 100 percent as they are. If you do calibration using our display calibrator, we were able to improve sRGB coverage to 100 percent. Should you can’t or don’t calibrate the S32D850T, you are unlikely to note this slight deficiency, therefore it is not worth fretting over.

In typical Samsung fashion, the physical style of this monitor continues to be given just as much attention since it’s technical specifications. The monitor’s bezels are angled inwards, which results in a distinctive and pointy design which makes them appear thinner than they are really. The bottom of the computer monitor is large but, importantly, flat. The bottom also does not move whenever you swivel the computer monitor, meaning both it and also the surrounding desk space will not have to be shuffled around should you alter the S32D850T’s position.

The S32D850T’s stand is technically impressive. Swivel, tilt and orientation adjustment are controlled with a single ball and socket-style joint. This setup supplies a generous quantity of adjustment which may be performed effortlessly. It is also height adjustable, so you’ll easily manage to find a situation that best suits you. Abnormally, Samsung has provided a VESA mounting plate within the box, meaning you are able to mount your screen to some stand or wall-mounted without getting to purchase extra hardware.

The computer monitor includes a high-speed USB3 hub with four connectors, so you can connect all of your desktop peripherals additionally to high-speed storage. These may be nicely routed using a removable cable tidy panel at the end from the stand. Samsung’s dependence on good design implies that the ports are powering the computer monitor instead of quietly, which does make sure they are just a little harder to gain access to than you are on the present Best To Buy-winning BenQ BL3200PT, which places its USB ports as well as an Sdcard readers around the fringe of the frame. If this sounds like vital that you you, you need to spend a bit more and purchase the BenQ BL3200PT.

The Samsung S32D850T has three display inputs: just one dual-link DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI. There’s also separate 3.5mm audio input and output jacks. There isn’t any loudspeakers, though, therefore if you are considering by using this monitor for any gaming system, you will need to buy loudspeakers or earphones.

We have seen lots of large monitors offering picture-in-picture (Personal injury protection) and movie-by-picture (PBP) modes, but not one of them have labored particularly well. These modes are handy since it means you could have the creation of two devices onscreen simultaneously, with Personal injury protection supplying an inset image, and PBP placing the inputs alongside. Typically, we finish track of two squashed images since the monitor we’ve tested hasn’t told laptop computer what’s happening in order that it may change the resolution accordingly. Samsung’s does, meaning once you enable PBP, your connected devices can change their output resolution to produce images in the correct aspect ratio and backbone. What this means is the Samsung S32D850T is really a screen you are able to share between two computers concurrently.

The Samsung S32D850T is a good 32in monitor that’s appropriate for home and professional use. Although it does not have 100 percent colour coverage as they are, it is a very pretty monitor that displays high-quality images. The S32D850T can also be less expensive than our current Best To Buy, the BenQ BL3200PT. Consequently, it is our favourite 32-inch monitor.

Screen size 32in
Resolution 2,560×1,440
Screen technology VA
Contrast ratio 3000:1
Brightness 300cd/m2
Response time 5ms
Response time type Grey-to-grey
Horizontal viewing angle 178
Vertical viewing angle 178
Screen depth 32mm
Base (WxD) 297x272mm
Screen elevation 60-190mm
Portrait mode Yes
Internal speaker (power) No
Detachable cables Yes
USB hub 4-port USB3
Integrated power supply Yes
Video inputs HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort
Audio inputs 3.5mm audio input
Buying information
Price including VAT £469
Warranty Two-year collect and return
Part code LS32D85KTSN/XU

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