Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lazy Man's Way of Painting Cabinets

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When it comes to painting your cabinets the first thing I want you to keep in mind is time. It will take time-more than you think. Because I skipped on most of the steps other people recommend I thought it would only take me a day-two at most. It ended up taking 4 days to get everything done and put back together. So while I recommend doing this, just be patient. 
To start off-I've been wanting to do this since we put an offer on the house 8 months ago. I never liked the black cabinets and I knew if we were going to be living in this house for 6 years I wanted to love my kitchen. 
So I did a ton of research. I probably spent 3 months doing research before I began on the project. that means that since I've done it all-you don't have to. 
Most of the websites recommended, scrubbing, sanding, priming, sanding, priming, and then painting. That was way to much for me. I didn't sand and I used a paint/primer in one. This is what I like to call the lazy way to paint cabinets.
I started off by my removing all the doors and painting the base. 

After the doors have been removed, take the time to scrub down everything. Drips and spills make their way onto cabinets and don't always get cleared up right away. This was especially true with the dark cabinets we used to have. Taking the time to do this now, will save you a lot of hard ache after you've started painting. 

This was after the first coat-

And this was after the third coat-

All in all it took 4 coats to cover the black on the drawers, doors, and base. If I had been painting wood white it would have been much faster. Also, if I had sanded it probably would have meant I wouldn't have had to do to many coats. But I am very limited in what I can do physically after my accident and even this amount of painting was pushing the envelope. 
Keep in mind that no matter what you try and do, your house will most likely be a mess and your kitchen will be out of commission for however long it takes you to paint. 

Once you've got the base painted move on to the cabinets. I just laid out a furniture blanket on my kitchen table and painted each of the cabinets there. Once you're done-replace them and enjoy your new master piece.
Now for the Q &A I've had a few questions in the comments that I want to address in this post. 
Q: Did you do paint the inside of the doors?
A: Big Fat Nope! The outside of cabinets are white but the inside are still wood. The previous owners didn't paint them black and I didn't feel the need to paint them white. That might drive some people nuts, and eventually I made get around to painting the insides-but for right now they look great without it. 
Q:  Why didn't you use a spray adhesive for the stencil? 
A: I'm not familiar with spray adhesive and I was attempting to do using things I already had on hand were the main reasons I went with painter's tape instead. Looking back, if I did a big stencil project like this again I would probably invest in spray adhesive because it would make a ridiculously easy project even easier. 
Q: Did you do the border around your stencil on purpose?
A: Yes, if I didn't want to have a boarder I could have cut the stencil to help in fit better right underneath the cabinets. I however really liked the look of the border and decided to keep it. 
If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below or email me at kari {at} newlywedsonabudget {dot} net. Thank you so much for all the awesome comment love I've been receiving on my kitchen transformation, you guys rock!
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Jenny Romaine said...

They look so pretty! We never painted the inside to match either. I figured I was the only one who would see them anyway!

Kaylynn Zoe Young said...

Many a question I have:

1. So your cabinets are white and I see you have a black table - does that look weird? I want white cabinets and Handsome wants a table - he thinks a white table would be TOO much white, but I think black might look off. Would it be too stalker-ish if I asked for a photo of the table/kitchen combo?

2. You didn't paint the inside? That's been one of the biggest hang-ups for Handsome... "It'll take forever and you'll have to do the inside."

3. NO SAND?! You may have just won me over. I have NASTY OAK - still no sand? Or will the nasty oak grain show through?

SORRY so annoying - I LOVE IT! SO jealous.

Little Bitty Damn Houze said...

Great job!