Friday, January 25, 2013

A Place I want to spend time in Part 2

Did you guy's check out yesterday's post? It was the reveal of my new kitchen-and today I'm going to share how I managed to do it under $50. 

First off, about 4 months before we bought the house the previous owners decided to paint their cabinets black, which fit their style perfectly but wasn't really what I had in mind. So I knew right off the bat that I wanted to paint the tan walls and the black cabinets, trying to get Mojo on board was an entirely different story. 
For the walls we decided to go with Lantern Light by Sherwin Williams. Online it looks more tanish but as you can see from my walls it's really a pale cheery yellow. One word of caution ALWAYS make sure you get paint AND primer. We thought we had-but apparently we didn't which made life harder than it needed to be for us. 

Cost of the paint $30 (it was on sale). We recently helped my sister paint her house so we had all the painting supplies on hand. 

Fast forward six months and Royal Design Studio sends me the stencil to review and instead of going out to buy a back splash specific kind of paint (I'm cheap) I used the practically full can of Behr Paint and Primer Ultra White Semi-Gloss paint I had in the garage, for both the back splash and the cabinets. I think it's safe to say most home owners have a can of white paint somewhere in their house. 

I obviously received the stencil for free but Royal Design has some that are insanely cheap-or if you have a  vinyl cutting machine you can always make your own. 

As far as bringing emerald green into the mix, I went out and bought a can of Krylon Spray Paint in Emerald Green, it cost me $3 at Walmart. Then I used odds and ends I already had laying around my house to bring in the emerald color. I've had the star above the oven for at least a year, and the mail basket I got on a daily deal site months ago. I did splurge on some E A T letters from Etsy that I'm still waiting to arrive-they were $20. 

So for me the total cost comes to $53. How awesome is that!? When I told Morgan I had started painting the cabinets his first response was how much is that going to cost, imagine how surprised he was when I said $53! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, be sure to come back on Monday for a break down of how I went about painting my cabinets. 
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Aimee said...

I actually love your white cabinets. we have white right now, with tan walls and its waaay too much light for us. so we're gonna be adding a trim to our cabinets and painting them charcoal gray as soon as we can muster up the money for it.

love your kitchen redo.

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

I love white cabinets!

Entirely Eventful said...

Nice work. that's a budget if i've ever seen one!

Ruth said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful. Great changes without breaking the bank.

Cerise said...

What a wonderful transformation. Any tips you can offer on painting the cabinets? Ours are a awful maroon color and I would LOVE to have them painted white.

4 You With Love said...

Kari, did you see that your kitchen was featured on Tater Tots and Jello! I'm screaming for you....can you hear me! :D:D:D:D