Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Long Overdue Update

My wonderful readers and fellow bloggers!! How do I say thank you? I mean the words thank you just don't cut it! From the heartfelt emails, to the donations, to the beautiful gifts I've found in my mailbox. You are all so amazing!!

Wow-a ton has happened since the last update and I'm not sure where to even begin. First off, I'm home! After 3 long weeks in the hospital I am so excited to be back in the home I didn't even get to enjoy before I got hit. I spent one long week in a trauma center dealing with well, a lot. I'm not sure how to even describe that first week to another person. It was impossible. There were moments of such intense pain that I was sure I was dying-there was no way a human being could survive that much pain. It was hard.

But, at the same time there were some great moments. Like watching the 4th of July fireworks with Mojo from the 11th floor. Let's just say we had the best seats in the house. That along with some crazy dreams and funny things said on drugs make the first week more bearable.

After that I was sent to the best rehab center in the state for two weeks. Who knew learning how to use your   arms and legs again could be so hard? I thought training for the marathon was difficult-but it's a piece of cake compared to the things I did at rehab. The first day I was able to stand for a minute and a half was followed by a 3 hour nap to recover. When I took my first steps using my walker tears were shed.

Now, just three weeks later I'm using my left hand again, I'm walking (with my walker) all over the place, and I'm able to use my right hand and left leg to push myself around in the wheelchair. Granted, I still have a long year ahead of me but I feel like I've made pretty good progress after a month.

I've got a pretty sweet ride these days-

Don't get me wrong-I try and have the best attitude I can but things aren't always roses and peaches. Sometimes things get tough, I'm still struggling with a few things but I try to remember that in the whole scheme of things, I'm a very lucky girl. I'm lucky to be alive, I'm lucky to have such an amazing supportive husband and family, and I'm lucky to have such great readers and friends who send me uplifting emails right when I need them.

Now that I'm home I will try my hardest to be better at updating the blog and keeping everyone in the loop. Thanks again for all your wonderful support!

Much love,


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