Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY Any Season Wreath

Alright folks it's official, after having my life turned upside down I'm finally getting back to doing things I love. I took another unexpected blogging break the last few weeks because honestly, sometimes my life can be hard. But I realized the other day that my life isn't going to get better anytime soon so why wallow in self pity?

I know this looks like a Halloween wreath but really it can be used for any season. My sister and I decided to start with something easy for my first craft after my accident, I'm still working on getting full function in my arm again. We followed Crafty Chic Mommy's tutorial for the wreath but I wanted to add a few things of my own. 

 1-Using wire to close the wire hanger does NOT work! The burlap is to heavy for the wire to keep it closed. So I decided to take it the extra mile and hot glued the two ends of the hanger together-it worked fantastic. 

2-I didn't want my wreath to be just for Halloween. So instead of hot gluing my spooky sign directly to the wreath I hot glued pieces of wire to the back of the spooky sign and then used the wire to fasten it to the wreath. Worked like a charm. 

3-I used 3 yards of burlap and would probably recommend using 4. The more you have, the better. You want this to be really full. 

You can use the same concept I did for the spooky to make it appropriate for any holiday. Ornaments for Christmas, hearts for Valentines, or eggs for Easter. You get the idea.

I know this is a really short post but I wanted to let you know that I am still alive and that I am in fact crafting. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!


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Aimee said...

cute Kari! So glad to see you getting back into crafting!

Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

Love the wreath! So cute. Thanks for the tips :)

4 You With Love said...

Kari, so glad you're back to creating! This post is great! :D