Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Crafts

So after I posted Saturday Craft Time #2-which I'm still not sure how I feel about-I realized that I didn't want to have to wait until next Saturday to post another tutorial. The light bulb clicked on and I thought-this is my blog and I will break the mold and post a second tutorial in the same week. Shocker, I know. What can I say-I'm a rule breaker like that.

So this craft is one I already know that I love. In fact I love them so much that I (with the help of family members) have made dozens of them to be used at my wedding. I'm sure you've seen these floating around the blogosphere (I know I have) and if you haven't tried them yet you must! Their a great way to add color to a room or as decorations for any event. The original tutorial I used was at but I've made so many of these since that I can do them with my eyes closed. They are really easy and super inexpensive-something I and Mojo can both appreciate.

What you'll need:
-Tissue Paper (because I needed a lot I bought my tissue paper in bulk on line for about $20)
-Fishing wire (I found blue beading wire for necklaces at Joann's on sale-it worked great!)

I'm made a medium sized ball for this tutorial-you can make as many sized balls as you like just remember to times by 2...for the small balls you use 2 pieces of paper, medium 4, large 8, xtra large 16, etc. 

Start off with 4 pieces of tissue paper and fold them in half then cut along the folded line. This does not need to be a perfectly straight line-and don't worry if the edges aren't perfectly clean. Most of the imperfections won't even show and if they do they just add to it's character. For this tutorial I didn't make mine as thick as the ones I'll be using for my wedding because I just wanted to show the basics-but to make it thicker you just keep folding it in half-and be sure to remember to cut each time or it makes it harder later on. 

Once you've folded and cut (and remember if you want it thicker just keep folding and cutting-for the large sized one for my wedding I folded three times-medium sized ones I folded twice-and the small ones were only folded ones) you start to fold the tissue paper accordion style with the fold being about 1"-1 1/2 ". 

When your done folding you take your fishing wire (or in my case jewelry wire) and cut a piece. I wasn't exact about this-the original tutorial said 5-7 inches and that sounds about right but I always just trimmed if I had extra wire. With the wire you fold it in half and make a loop by twisting the two ends together like you would a twisty tie on bread.

(I apologize for the crappy pictures-I was using Mojo's camera and wasn't as comfortable with it as I am with mine)

Once your done making your first loop you tie the the wire around your tissue paper in the middle and make a loop with the two ends. Try to get as close to the middle as possible-if you don't it won't hang straight-a good way to check if your in the middle is to fold the paper in half and make sure that the wire is on the outside of the fold.

To play it up and make them even more fun you can cut the ends to make it different shapes. For my wedding I went with more rounded ends because I thought it looked a little more sophisticated-but for this tutorial I decided to make the ends into a triangle. Once your done attaching the hook you simple take your scissors and cut the ends of the tissue paper however you want-be sure that the two halves of the tissue paper are close to the same length or else your ball will look lopsided when your done.

Finally your going to unfold the ball one piece of tissue paper at a time. I like to hold it in the middle because I feel like it's easier to hold onto as I'm pulling each piece apart. Once I have about half of the tissue unfolded I flip it over and do the other side so they meet in the middle to form one half of the ball. Then you just switch to the other side of the ball and do the same thing.

And ta-da you made your first tissue paper pom pom. Hanging them is really easy you simply cut some more of your fishing wire-make a loop (or a hook if you think your going to re-arrange them) and loop it through the hole you made earlier on the tissue paper ball.

Then you create a hook with the other end of the wire and you can hang it where ever you like. Or, if your like me and loved the cascading look in the original tutorial you can hook your pom pom's together by simply looping the other end through another pom. 

The poms do get squished very easily but you simply re-fluff them and their good to go. I love these poms and everyone that has seen them has commented on how cute they are. I can't wait to use them in my wedding and I'll be sure to post pictures so you can see them in action. Happy crafting everyone and I hope you all have a fantastic Monday.

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gin said...

Love the craft and love the new blog design; very chic!

Ann said...

CUTE craft! Thanks for the tut!

Kari said...

Thanks gin for both compliments-I'm excited about the new blog design I was originally going to wait until after we were married since we not "technically" newlyweds for another 21 days but I loved it to much to wait!

Ann-thanks! I'm glad you like it-I'm just starting my crafting career so it's good to know that people like the things I'm putting out there

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

such a cute idea! Thanks for linking this up to our wicked awesome wed party.