Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doing the real stuff

While Mojo has been "hard" at work doing the really "important stuff" I've been focus on the unimportant things like a dress and food. Nothing really important. So my dress experience has something like that.

My sister graciously gave me her dress to use for my wedding and gave me full privileges meaning I could do whatever I wanted to it. How sweet is that? I was super pumped about it. We decided to take the 3/4 sleeves and make them cap sleeves and then she was going to take the extra material from the sleeves and make a Victorian collar and turn the lace up back into a zip back. It would have been beautiful, Notice the would have been. Turns out because my sister ordered the dress online (for super cheap) it was made in China. Turns out people making dresses in China don't know how to sew! My seamstress (who is amazing and can pretty much do anything) wasn't able to do what I wanted. The construction of the dress was so bad that when she was bringing it in a few sized it started to bunch up and it looked just terrible. And with the way the collar had been done there was no way she could make the Victorian collar with the left over sleeve material. Our next option was to us some of the overlay on the bottom part of the dress to make the collar but I was super excited about that-I just couldn't imagine it in my head. So-I was stressing about this dress. I was so grateful to my sister for giving me the dress but I could not for the life of me figure out a way to make it work.

So tonight I went over to Mojo's house and was discussing wedding details with J (Mojo's mom) and she suggested I use S's (Morgan's sister) dress for the wedding. S and I are about the same size and J showed me some pictures of the dress on Facebook-it is beautiful. So we pulled it out from the downstairs storage room and I was able to try it on. It's perfect! A little big in the shoulders-only because I was born with unnaturally small shoulders-but perfect! It's fitted down through my hips which I love and has a beautiful petal like bottom (not sure how to describe it). So the dress situation has been fixed! Thank goodness! That took a huge stress off my shoulders because it made me sick to think I may be wearing a dress that I didn't feel beautiful in on my wedding day. So HUGE thanks to Sallee her new title (besides super mom) is Life Saver.

Now that that stress is taken care of on to the fun do it yourself projects for the wedding. I'm not a big crafty person and yet I can't seem to get enough of these wedding DIY projects. I've already completed a card box for people to put their cards in at the reception which I'm pretty proud of. And I've painted wooden letters which will go on our sign in table. And big thanks to my sister's and bridesmaids we're starting on some more fun DIY projects. Here are a few I'll be starting in the next couple of weeks.

I'll be doing some cute paper rosettes that I found from a friend from High School's blog. They instructions on how to make them can be found here. They are adorable!

I'm also planning on doing some of these hanging from fishing wire.

The link on how to make these can be found here.

I have a lot more DIY projects that I'm planning on doing but those are the two big ones I'm going to take in the next couple weeks. 

I'll be meeting with our photographer soon to design our invitations which will go out in about 3-4 weeks! So be sure to send us your addresses so we can send you an invite!

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